N Scale Model Trains

N Scale Model Trains

N scale model trains

Amtrac locomotive model train

N scale Model Trains are a smaller size for people who don’t have the space to build a bigger size railroad. Size is important when it comes to model trains. There are four popular model train scales: G, O, HO, and N. N scale model trains have a ratio of 1:160, this is half the size of the HO scale. In the UK the scale is 1:144. The N from N scale stands for nine millimeter, this is the distance between the rails. These smaller model trains are on the market since the 1960’s.

Advantages of the N Scale Model Train

The N scale model trains have several advantages over the larger scale model trains. If you live in a small house, like an apartment or a studio, you can still enjoy your model train and build a good layout with a pretty scenery. An N scale layout only needs about 30% of the space needed compared to a HO scale.

These model trains have enough detail on them to look good, much better than the smaller Z scale. In fact, the details are coming close to the real size trains. This is because this size was introduced later, when the model train was no longer seen as a toy but as a hobby item. Because of the smaller size and the popularity, these trains are also lower in price.

Different Countries, Different Scale Sizes

As the N scale size model trains became more and more popular, it also became easier to find accessories for it to build a very detailed layout. However, as this size became popular in many different countries, it has led to variations in scale sizes. For instance, Europe have the 1:160 scale, UK have the 1:144 scale, and Japan have a 1:150 scale.

The N scale model trains are favorite in the USA, UK and several countries in Europe. They become more popular in Australia as well. The best model trains in N scale with good details are produced by American companies. This small size model train is not suitable for kids who might try to put them in their mouth, as they can choke on it.

Model railroaders who are very detail oriented, can create a natural look by weathering the trains, just as the layouts.
A brand new train or building can get the look like it has been affected by the environment. This kind of details will make your scenery so much more alive, looking like a real life situation and can be done with the N scale model trains without problems. Click the picture below to find out more.

N scale model trains

N scale model train trailer

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